The Truth According to Dr. Umar: Pan Afrikan Lecturer Speaks in Buffalo April 6

Dr. Umar Johnson, noted Pan- Afrikan Lecturer, will speak April 6, 2019, at 3:00PM (doors @ 2) at the St. Luke  Church at 314 E. Ferry Street. He will speak on “War Against Black Parents & How To Fight Back.”

Johnson is former Minister of Education for the Marcus Garvey Movement, the Unversal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. He is a writer, political scientist, and consultant to families, educators, mental health professionals and charter schools throughout the country. Dr. Umar currently hosts a psycho-educational community lecture series at the African-American Museum in Philadelphia.

Making his very first visit back to Buffalo  since his jam-packed debut at the Frank Meriwether Jr. Library during 2015 Black History Month, Dr.Umar Johnson, Black America’s #1 most rquested scholar and school Psychologist, will be returning to discuss the mis-education cartel; to include school vouchers, the special education crisis the charter school takeover & the ADHD hustle.

What exactly is special education? How are learning disabilities determined? What is a 504 Plan? What educational rights do parents have? What rights do children have in the schools? What is educational Due Process? Can special education students be expelled from school? What is an Independent Educational Evaluation? What exactly is ADHD and where did it come from? What is a disruptive behavior disorder? Do parents have to submit their children to ADHD evaluations upon school request? Does an ADHD child have to be placed in special education? Are Black boys targeted for ADHD?

Dr. Umar will also discuss the rising tide of police violence against Afrikan people in America. With the unnecessary deaths of so many Africans at the hands of police, Dr. Umar Johnson will be coming to Buffalo to inform the Black community on how we can change the tide of oppression against us.

Using the wisdom of the Grandfathers of Revolutionary Pan-Afrikan Nationalism, there are certain international political steps that Black America must take as we seek to charge President Donald Trump and the United States Government with Genocide against Afrikan Prisoners of War in America.

In addition to discussing the consistent U.S. violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, Dr. Umar will be discussing the War Against Vaccinations, and the rising tide of autism among  Black Children.

Doors open at 2 p.m., Children 17 & Under Free, Elders 65 & Older with ID are free as well. Vend or opportunities are available. For tickets: