Students Against Gun Violence Hold First Meeting April 23!

The  first orientation and organizational meeting. of Students Against Gun Violence will be held at the Merriweather Library Tuesday, April 23 from 6  to 7:30 p.m.

“Students Against Gun Violence – WNY has been formed in Buffalo and WNY in order to organize and join the millions of American students fighting to live in a nation free from gun violence. Our mission is to end gun violence in our communities. This task requires an entire generation of intelligent, focused students, supporters and voters utilizing their collective capabilities to accomplish this attainable end,”   a statement from the group said.

“This task requires you and all of us!  We’re here to show Buffalo, WNY and the rest of the nation that we’re capable of organizing, mobilizing, and committing to ending gun violence on our streets, in our homes, on our playgrounds and in our entertainment venues, and places of worship and play.”

FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Murray Holman – Stop the Violence Coalition at 716-597-2858 –  or Paul McQuillen – New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. 716-997-8659 –