Seven Faithful Mary’s Performed At Lincoln Memorial April 13

On Saturday, April 13 at 5:30 p.m., seven phenomenal local African American women will tell the story of what happened on Golgotha Hill, located just outside of Jerusalem, when Yeshua the “Messiah” was murdered.

The play, Seven Faithful Mary’s (the apostrophe is intentional), will be presented by Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church, Spiritual Arts and Culture Ministry at 641 Masten Ave., located between Northland Ave. and Main Street, near Canisius College.

Seven women named Mary were present to witness the tortured ending of the life of the historical figure known as Jesus today. HIS, Aramaic birth name was Yeshua a derivative of Yehoshua. What happened that day is told through the stream of consciousness of each woman separately. In that sense it is not a group event. It is an individual accounting of what happened to the Messiah and why they came to be faithful believers and followers. When all the men, but John left Him, the seven women stayed.

Onstage at Lincoln, the following sisters will portray the seven Mary’s: Marcia Noel Callendar (Mother Mary); Isabella Travis (Mary Magdalene); Robin Cott (Mary of Bethany); Rita Hubbard Robinson (Mary of Cleophas); Vonetta T. Rhodes-Osi (The Other Mary); Akua Kamau Harris (Mary Mother of John Mark); Venecia “Goodne$$” Green; (Mary Salome);Dyanne Johnson (Narrator) and music and choir arrangements director Janet Barnes.

This play was written and directed by Akua Kamau Harris under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and spiritual development teachings of Pastor George F. Nicholas with project support from the Upper Niagara Frontier Christian Ministry UMC.

Performance starts promptly at 5:30 PM and will be followed by a dinner reception, plus Q & A with cast.

Tickets are $25. See you there!