Sanders Calls for All Candidates To Take Part in Upcoming “Unified Against Violence Community Walk”

“Let’s walk in unity standing side-by-side as brothers and sisters, and let the people of Buffalo see   that on April 4th it’s about the well-being of our community”

Community activist and Fillmore District candidate Tina Sanders has released the following call for unity: “In an effort to galvanize the leadership to speak with one voice against the violence plaguing our neighborhoods; and in hopes ofiimproving our community we recognize it is going to take a lot of teamwork.      

An initiative to start this effort is  the upcoming Unified Walk Against Violence Walking in Solidarity scheduled for April 4th    starting at Eller Street down Genesee to Moselle.

This day commemorates the day Martin Luther King Jr. was killed which also signifies that we are still in the struggle not only in our city but in our nation. Anyone that has lost a loved one due to violent crime is asked to attend. Please bring your pictures wear your memorabilia t-shirts of your loved ones and families to honor them in memory.

I’m asking for anyone that is running for a political office, to walk in solidarity for our community to show unity, whether you are running for School Board, legislative office or council seats, even though your opponents that you’re running against may be attending the event.

Let’s show the City of Buffalo of Good Neighbors, that this can be done.  However, please leave all political signs, palm cards, campaign t-shirts, petitions and anything political at home. Let’s walk in unity standing side-by-side as brothers and sisters, and let the people of Buffalo, NY see for themselves that on April 4th 2019 it’s about the well-being of our community.”