Former Rochester Resident Receives Ft. Wayne MLK Humanitarian Award!

Former Rochester resident Stephen D. Lanier recently received the Ft. Wayne Indiana American Legion MLK Humanitarian Award. Lanier   relocated to Fort Wayne  during the summer of 2010 from Rochester with General Motors where he is an “Associate.”  Upon arrival, he immediately sought an organization by which he could continue his long-standing involvement and initiatives of assistance to the community.  He became a member of the Charles C. Anderson American Legion Post 148 where his impact was felt instantly.

Steve has demonstrated through his action and deeds a desire to elevate the level of cooperative living among community residents.  He is very engaged in volunteer services and/or actions that have affected positive change in the local Fort Wayne communities.  His pursuit of resources and ideas to improve the quality of life in this environmentally challenged community has only begun!

Congratulations Mr. Lanier!