Pictured above front to back: author/illustrator Karee Shea Walker and her partner and publisher Osagyefo McGregor with Zawadi Books proprietors Sharon and Kenneth Holley and their granddaughter Jayla at the Authors recent book signing hosted by Zawadi Books 

Zawadi books hosted a successful book signing at their Jefferson Ave. location  recently for Toronto based author illustrator Karee Shea Walker who recently released her second book titled Mommy and Daddy Said, as part of her children’s series.  The new book bursts with creativity through magnificent illustrations and stories that empower a family to grow and accomplish their purpose through achieving unity, communication and unconditional love.

As a mother of two, Karee started writing and illustrating stories so that her children could see books with images that looked like them. “I wanted to  inspire them to read…I want to offer new perspectives on our culture to make a difference” she said.”It helps to reflect the actual reality, we come in different shades, sizes backgrounds and I want to  deliver strong messages of Black family so we can keep rising to the top,” she continued.

Karee and her partner Osagyefo  McGregor (both from Toronto, Ontario) expanded into publishing and are distributing books that focus on empowerment, creativity, inspiration and diversity. They also formed Kareativecollective bringing other authors under their publishing umbrella. Karee has books in 40 states and 50 bookstores including exclusively in Buffalo at Zawadi Books (1382 Jefferson Ave.) where you can find her latest masterpiece and others. The Author plans to release 3 more books in 2019. Learn more and Buy Black at