Wrapping Up Women’s History Month Adjusting Our Crows at Black Monarchy’s Headwrap Series Event!

photos by Blanc Photography

Unique retail establishments like  Black Monarchy on the city’s West Side continue to make their mark for assisting the culture push with one stop shopping for international clothing, fabrics  and accents from various parts of Africa.   Young proprietor Phylicia Dove remains steadfast in making sure  Black Women in Buffalo –  from the millennial to beloved elders-  get ample and quality “sista time” through her signature event, Black Monarchy Adjust Your Crown Head Wrap Series.

“It’s the 2nd event for our official head wrap series since its inception in 2018,” said  Dove.

The headwrap series event took place for the first time at their newly expanded  Flagship store at 527 West Utica March 23 and 24 . Each day gave the women an exclusive unforgettable experience and lessons on head wrap history full of inspiration, positive energy and a coming together of strangers who by the event’s  end would leave like sisters.

“This series is a women’s empowerment event  designed to teach the women about the history of African fabric , history of head wrapping, what it means, why it was started and even how many people and cultures do it across the world,” she continued.

Dove takes great pride in her effort to educate women who attend the sessions with rich history. Additionally, she seeks to  build a safe space for women to express themselves and build confidence through what she calls “crown conversations,” verbal exchanges that bring out things often not discussed.

The headwrap originated in Sub Saharan Africa where it was worn as a symbol of status, wealth and fashion.

“The history gives the women a chance to have a personal experience in putting their crowns back on” said Dove.  “During the series we have Crown conversations where women can open up and be vulnerable. We discuss  things like how it feels to wear a head wrap, if they’ve even worn one before, and their experiences while exuding their culture proudly in spaces that lack melanin.”

Local Buffalo hair care entrepreneur Ebony Snow had a special presentation of her products that are designed to target the health of Black women’s hair, the precious cargo that lives beneath every headwrap tied.

Black Monarchy doesn’t just stop at holding this annual event, Dove has also held a number of  private headwrap events leading up to the most recent series for organizations in the City of Buffalo like The Delta Sigma Theta and University at Buffalo Students Cultural Program.

Black Monarchy has a clear vision to take the “wrap” on the road and is excited to announce more evens of this kind in the future. “There will be another event this summer and we have plans to travel outside of buffalo to hold them as well.”

Today the  headwrap  is worn by womwn of all ages in all walks of life.  Some may wrap  for spiritual or religious reasons, or   as a trending fashion look, as it has been found on many runways and in fashion magazines where European designers have appropriated the look for their own misguided reasons.

Whatever the case  Black women   have accented their current hair  and fashion styles with a variety of heardwrap looks as a staple in their  everyday wardrobe.

Be it public events, special occasions, or to protect their delicate follicles from elemental weather, Black women of all ages are donning gorgeous colorfully wrapped crowns in what could be a subtle yet bold movement of fashionable rebellion; exuding  cultural pride of our rich ancestral history in the face of a world that is still fearful of the Black mystique.

The headwrap has resurfaced with a prideful permanence that can’t be denied!

To book a headwrap event you can contact  shopblackmonarchy@gmail.com you can also drop in the store to shop or pick up one of their signature shopping cards as a gift for the king or queen in your life.  

– L.H.