Why Not Try MAAT?

There is an expression “It’s the American Way.” The idea is that you can do just about any nefarious thing you want, until you can’t, or you’re caught. Perhaps an Ancient African set of principles needs to be acknowledged and practiced today so that the expression becomes “It’s the Ma’atian Way”; an African Way, A Divine Way.

I’m referring to the Ancient African Principles of MAAT. 7 Virtues or Principles representing: Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Balance, Order, Reciprocity and Harmony.

In our Ancient Khemetic Mythology, MAAT is the feminine aspect of Divine that holds the world in righteousness, justice, order and truth. She is represented at times with iridescent wings outstretched in perfect balance, with an upright feather in her headband. She is the embodiment of Powerful Positive Feminine Energy; A Beautiful Thing.

In this time of living in the American Way,” chaos rules the day. As African people, especially as we all live in the society of the “American Way”, these Ma’atian principles are begging for use. We, as the African progenitors who developed and practiced these concepts of MAAT, the Mothers and Fathers of civilization, need to bring MAAT back into existence by practicing her laws.

Bring the “American Way” into balance with the Laws of MAAT. MAAT develops character. 

“It is in the development of character that instruction succeeds”  (Ankhshequonshi Khemet c. 1,000 b.c.)

Submitted by : Temple of KA RA PTAH