Open Mic in Black & White Introducing…”Black Rose”

by Goodness

Hey Beautiful People, Ladies and Gentlemen, Kings & Queens I’ve been away for a while now I’m back on the scene. Welcome to the only Open Mic In Print !

I’m very excited to share the story of a courageous singer and songwriter who rewrote the lyrics to her life by the grace of God and the help of an Elder from Her Church … leading her to a path of recovery from an opioid addiction – straight into the arms of her soulmate.

Put your hands together {clap} and welcome to the page (stage) as I introduce to you the journey of my featured guest Black Rose {applause} !

Black Rose

Born In Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic to a Haitian mother and Dominican father.  the youngest of seven, three  girls and four boys … her birth name is Nicole “Cole” Walker. She was  brought to America when She was just 5 years old. Nicole gained her early education at BUILD Academy, and graduated from Hutch Tech High School.

Black Rose is her stage name.  A  mother of one  {Naliyah 12yrs old),  Cole,  at one point, like most of us,  lost her way. It was around the tender age of 22 when she became heavily addicted to pain medication in 2009 which was prescribed by her doctor due to a liver illness. A year had gone by and she indulged in “popping pills” otherwise known as a term of drug abuse.

Starting out singing in the church, Cole had separated her connection to the Most High during the course of her battle. Still attending services here and there she was assigned to an Elder, who went above and beyond the call of duty .

Black Rose explains how the woman  was on her like “white on rice.”  When asked by Miss Mary (who’s no longer with us), if she was tired of being tired… Cole’s answer was yes. She was instructed to get a bag together headed for Rehab.

Upon completion and now released from the program, Black Rose spoke of how she was standing at a bus stop without a jacket literally freezing.when she was approached by her now husband (Chief), who  at that time appeared to be her knight in shining armor. Seeing this damsel in distress, the gentleman pulled  his car over to offer her some heat and the coat off his back ….Chivalry is not dead !!

He continued to meet her at the same bus stop everyday,  eventually gaining her trust. Just as Miss Mary, Cole finally revealed to Chief her past conditions and how it was still a constant battle, on top of reoccurring nightmares and awkward sleeping patterns.

Appreciating her honesty, he inquired about her singing abilities she’d mentioned to him from her church background at State Tabernacle and expressed an interest  in hearing what she was working with. To his surprise he liked what he heard. Cole recalls a time where she was a child she and her mom would sing together. Her mother, who also has a beautiful, strong voice, encouraged Black Rose  to never let the gift her of vocals slip away.

Bringing her  into his group consisting of himself and another male artist {Christian} called “Black Rose Familia” it was pretty much history from there. Knowing about her odd sleeping habits he was willing to stay up sleepless nights with her composing music … later on down the line writing the lyrics performed by the both of them at their wedding ceremony. Nicole is 10 years clean and going strong.

This young lady has performed at Milkies, Imagine, 2017’ Juneteenth of Buffalo on the Edutainment Stage with Fellow songstress Kenya Davis and was also a featured artist in one of my “CITYWIDE YOUTH OPEN MIC’S” that same year.

So be on the look out for this amazing woman and her soulful sounds in the future … I had the pleasure of listening to a live snippet of her upcoming single Dream Chaser on BlogTalk Radio’s Take A Solar Moment w/Solar, the Communities Daughter and when I say it’s full of passion, grit & soul ___ please believe me !!!!!!!!

You can follow and support her new projects on her road to success @ Nicole Walker (Black Rose Familia) on Facebook .

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Thank you readers for your time and attention. Be sure to catch me again soon to see which artist has the last spoken word. “Get ‘Em”