Talented Youth Behind Curtain of Hit Play at Robeson Theatre

The Sidewalk Stage Play will be on until April 7 for tickets go to www.aaccbuffalo.org

The Sidewalk Stage Play which debuted at the Paul Robeson Theatre Friday, March 15 features several talented local individuals, some of which are veterans, coupled with a good deal of new faces gracing the stage as well.

To put a ribbon and bow on this presentation, co-writers Edreys Wajed and Paulette D. Harris made a deliberate decision to make purposeful room in the stage production in extending opportunity and spotlight on some of the Buffalo’s brightest and talented youth.

Behind the curtain, the show boasts the talents of several young students. 13 year old costume apprentice Zeriuah Shadwick who plans to study Theater and Fashion design in college, has been by Paulette’s side for several weeks as a mentee learning the ropes. Zeuriah, along with newcomer to the stage Isaac Fareed, are also long time students of Paulette at the Performing Arts Training program at the Paul Robeson Theatre. Isaac is the bright and gifted son of multi-talented hip hop artist/photographer and entrepreneur Aitina Fareed-Cooke of Get Fokus’d Productions. The play also features custom-designed sneakers created by 14 year old artist Emeka Wajed, which are worn by one of the stage play actors; a character named Mike. The plays’ transition scenes are filled with music created by young local musician and hip hop artist, 17 year-old Eman Wajed aka Booge. Both Eman and Emeka are the sons of the creative polymath and artist Edreys Wajed and Chef Alexa Joan. Music production for the play also features the talents of Shayne Nevilles and Meaco Faulks, former high school art students of Edreys, both in their early 20’s. 

Paulette and Edreys are proud to present these selected youth from the community in promoting and positively spotlighting their talents to springboarding their ambitious futures.