Destiny’s Restaurant is Open for Business! – Clearing Up The Rumors

As the saying goes, “you can’t keep a good man down”

Just ask Destiny’s Restaurant owner Thomas Childs.

Just two days after he held a press conference to announce his reopening, an SUV lost control   and crashed into the front of the building, prompting him to briefly close again.

The good news is that despite  the unfortunate chain of events –DESTINY’S  IS  NOW OPEN   AND READY TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY! To celebrate, Childs  is  offering  Springtime Specials  until Thursday, March 28. Come and enjoy 10 wings and a 20-ounce soda for only $3 (two order minimum, dine-in only). Don’t forget about the Downtown Special, two pitas, a fry and soda for only $8. Other menu items are 10% off.

-Addressing False Reports-

Earlier this month Mr. Childs voluntarily closed his popular eatery after an employee fell ill and was later determined to have hepatitis A.

It was a voluntary move on his part, despite false reports and lots of speculation that he had been closed down by the Health Department. That was never the case!

Childs made the decision in the  best interest of his employees and the community he serves. He wanted  to make sure everyone was safe. The shut-down lasted only 48 hours during which time he made sure all of his  employees were vaccinated and given a  clean bill of health.

During a press conference at  his Fillmore/Main Street establishment last Thursday, he  said that  he could understand why at first  the “community was a little scared” but the worst – the 2-day closure  which he admitted slowed business down “tremendously  – was  over and everyone looked forward to making up for lost time.

“We lost a lot of business but I probably saved his (former employee’s) life,” recounted Childs. When he realized how sick the employee was, instead of sending him home, he called an ambulance.  He was diagnosed with  the virus  after he got to the hospital.

In business for 21 years Childs  said this was the first time anything like this  ever happened.

“Destiny’s does not pose any health threat at all,”  assured spokeswoman Tracy Jordan-Cardwell. 

Masten District Councilmember Ulysees Wingo praised Childs for his “leadership in caring for his employees and the community.”

Childs thanks his customers for their continued support, and credits prayer with getting him through the adversity.

Destiny’s 2383 Fillmore Ave.

Destiny’s Restaurant,  located at 2383 Fillmore Avenue at Main,   is open seven days a week Sunday thru  Wednesday from 9 a.m. – 11 pm.; and Thursday thru Saturday from 9 a.m. – midnight. For more information go to or call 845-5555.