Buffalo Catches the Wave as More Black Women Seek Political Office

Last year momentum picked up nationwide for Black women seeking political office.
This year Buffalo appears to have caught the wave.
So far 12 Black women are seeking elected office from seats on the Common Council to the Buffalo School Board.
Currently circulating petitions to run in the June 25th Democratic Primary are:
Jennifer Strickland and Veronica Golden who are seeking to get on the ballot to run in the Masten District
Tina Sanders, is the only woman running for the Fillmore District seat There are currently no women on the Buffalo Common Council.
Katrina Martin-Bordeaux is seeking to run for the 1st Legislative District,
April Baskin is seeking re-election as 2nd District County Legislator.
Lenora Foote-Beavers is running for Buffalo City Court Judge .
Vanessa Glushefski and Barbara Miller Williams, outgoing 1st District Legislator, is running for City Comptroller.

In the Buffalo School Board Elections, which will be held on Tuesday, May 7 incumbents Paulette Woods (Central School Board Member) and Sharon Belton Cottman (Ferry District) are running for re-election.

Also currently circulating petitions to run for the School Board :
•Patricia Elliott-Patton who is running for East District seat;
•Carolette Meadows running for Board Member at Large
Last year a report released by the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women. Noted that fewer women were holding positions in Buffalo and Erie county government than before.
Most striking was the fact that there were no women holding elected political office in the City of Buffalo. The Common Council is currently made up of men only and the Democratic Party has endorsed all of the incumbents seeking re-election.

Stay Tuned for Updates : There are now 14 Women Seeking Office Seats !