UNIA President General to Keynote 4th Anniversary of UNIA-ACL Buffalo Division

(pictured above Michael R. Duncan( left) President General of the UNIA and successor to the  Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey (right).

Michael R. Duncan, the 11th President General of the UNIA and the successor to the  Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, will deliver the keynote address  for the 4th Anniversary Celebration of the UNIA-ACL 433 Buffalo Division on Friday, March 1 from 6-10 p.m. at the Rafi Greene Jr. Masten Resource Center 1423 Fillmore Avenue. The formal affair will include food, music, speakers and is …free to the people.

Under  Mr. Duncan’s guidance, the UNIA is on its way back to its prominence as Black People are counting on the UNIA to lead as it did under the auspices of the Hon. Mr. Garvey, leader of the largest organized mass movement in Black history.

When the  historical UNIA-ACL Division #79, the Buffalo Garveyites,  organized in the 1920’s, during that time   the first President General, Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey made multiple visits and speeches to huge crowds of Black residents in Buffalo NY. 

The Buffalo UNIA-ACL Historical Society, formed to preserve and promote President General Garvey’s activities and legacy in Buffalo, notes that of the many accomplishments of Historical Division #79, the most significant were the development of the first two Black owned credit unions in Buffalo (BCES and Bethel AME), Dr. Kakaza’s Women’s and Children’s Clinic and the naming of Liberty Hall in 1924 (278 Jefferson). 

On March 1st, when the 11th President General, Hon. Michael R. Duncan visits Buffalo, he will  acknowledge the efforts of the members in honoring Garvey’s legacy.

Division President Lion Blyden notes , “It is fitting that at the end of ‘Black History Month’ we can present to the President General  the fact that we are working on preserving the Garveyite District in Buffalo, mirroring  the Historical Division #79. We are currently working with other groups on forming the next Black owned credit union (NECU), the work has begun on a Black Cross Nurse Clinic and finally the Elaine T. Clark-Blyden House has been named Liberty Hall at Blyden House.” 

Division President Lion Blyden

President Blyden issues a special invitation to Black Buffalo come out to support this historical event: “Join us in our quest to make history and honor  our great Garveyite ancestors!”