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The lights on the NFL season have now completely dimmed as we were held hostage by the excitement of what was supposed to be a relived and exciting battle for the Vince Lombardi trophy at Super Bowl LIII. I’m still trying to find this exciting breathtaking experience as Super Bowl ended up as one of the biggest letdowns in the sport’s history. 

Here’s some fun facts about this not so fun Super Bowl LIII. 

1. Super Bowl 53 was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever but the 13-3 Patriots victory was the greatest margin of victory for the Brady-Belicheck connection.

2. The Los Angeles Rams are the 2nd in Super Bowl history who failed to score a touchdown. The other was the 1971 Dolphins against the Dallas Cowboys in which the Cowboys won 24-3.

3.The Rams offense was Top 2 best in the NFL but in Super Bowl 53, 27 of the Rams’ 60 plays (45%) went for 0 or negative yards. No wonder they only scored 3 points. Did the Rams even pinch the Red Zone? What a shame. 

4. We learned that age is nothing but a number, as Brady (41) and Bill Belichick (66) are now the oldest quarterback and head coach to win a Super Bowl.

5. Oh yeah before I forget this… Do you remember I asked if the rams pinched the Red Zone? Well they didn’t at all… and the Patriots only had one play in the Red Zone which ended up being the game winning score. By far this has never happened where a Super Bowl only had 1 red zone play as all the other Super Bowls have had at least 5 plays in between the 20 and the end zone.

6.  The magic number 6 is a very interesting number as the Patriots have now won 6 championships tying the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most in NFL history.  The only difference between the 2 teams is that it has taken the Patriots (18) half the amount of time to win 6 super bowls as it did the Pittsburgh Steelers (35). 

  7. Super Bowl 53 had the lowest ratings output 44.9 since the Steelers beat the Cardinals in Super Bowl 43(42.1). I don’t understand this fact as I’m sure many fans would say that Super Bowl 43 was 20x better than Super Bowl53.

It still was the most boring Super Bowl ever in my opinion.

-In Other Sports News-

The LA Lakers are looking to acquire NBA superstar Anthony Davis. The Pelicans and Lakers are in trade talks currently.

Kyrie Irving has also been quoted saying that he wants to play with LeBron James again.  Could we see a reunion between these 2 superstar players in the near future?

The Buffalo Sabres are currently 9th in the playoff standings tied with the Carolina Hurricanes with a 25-20-6 record.  Will the Sabres be able to pick it up as playoff time is surely awaiting.

The Buffalo Bills have hired some new coaching staff during the off season. They have acquired Ken Dorsey as the quarterback coach. Terry Heffernan is the new assistant offensive line coach. Chad Hall is the newly appointed wide receivers coach. Heath Farwell has been hired as the special teams coordinator.  Will the Buffalo Bills continue  making the necessary moves to make the playoffs next season?

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