Patriots Win 13 -3 But City of Atlanta Was Bigger Winner

by George Radney

What a day! Super Bowl Sunday has become one of the most anticipated days of the year.  The Patriots defeated the Rams 13 -3 in what turned out to be a fantastic game. There are many people who called this game boring but a purest like myself loves a good old fashion defensive contest. The game turned into a chess match between Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores and Rams DC Wade Phillips. 

Yes, that Bills former Head coach Wade Phillips made for a very interesting contest. Tom Brady had to use two time outs in first half due to his confusion of what defense Rans were in.  Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman said, ”I just kept playing football, I did not worry about that play and was fully prepared for Patriots schemes.”

The Ref’s only mess up was on Robey-Coleman’s  tackle of a running back which he  called for hitting a defenseless receiver. That was a stupid penalty.  The game was  a testament to outstanding coaching by both teams. The  Rams Jared Goff was the weak link as expected and Patriots DC Brian Flores distinguished blitzes with Donta Hightower and Kyle Van Noy forced Goff to under throw his receiver and Stephon Gilmore made the key interception.  Stephon said, “We had fun. It’s a great feeling and I try to do my job the best I can. We played tight coverage on Rams receivers… all the Coaches are great because they push us every day in practice and there are no short cuts.  We must bring it every day that’s the Patriots way.” 

Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty said,” It’s a blessing and a dream come true for me to win a Super Bowl with my brother (Jason). It was a tough road for my brother to learn the Patriots way he did not start but as the  season went on he became a starter by working very hard in practice and learning our defensive schemes.” Every Patriot spoke of hard practices and attention to details as being  key to becoming  a productive player for Bill Bellichick’s New England Patriots. Patriots running back James White said,” it’s a lot easier with three running backs carrying the ball . You can wear down your opponent.”

Patriot’s ground attack made up of James White, Sony Michel, and Rex Burkhead were keys to their victory. It’s no accident the Patriots are a dynasty made up of excellent coaching, hard work, attention to details and very good football players who are about winning Super Bowls and not their egos. A formula for success indeed!
The City of Atlanta, Ga. put on an outstanding event throughout the week with a well thought out program and security was at the highest level I have ever seen. The transit system, known as MARTA took visitors all over the City and ran 24 hours a day from Friday through Sunday. They had over 10,000 volunteers to insure you made it to your destination throughout the week. Jermaine Dupris was in charge of the free concerts each night in Centennial Olympic Park and did a fine job of bringing new and famous artists on the main stage.

Atlanta should get another Super Bowl in the near future due to the well thought out and executed game plan for the biggest event of the year.

Bills & Football Reporter/ George Radney

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