Monroe County Democrats Endorse Candidacy of LaShana Boose for City Council Northwest District

Rochester, NY) The Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC) recently announced the candidacy of Ms. LaShana Boose for Rochester City Council Northwest District at the Monroe County Annual Democratic Convention, held at the Holiday Inn at 70 State Street, Downtown Rochester.

   Ms. Boose is already the committee leader for Greater Rochester’s 28th Legislative District, a member of the City’s Zoning Board of Appeals, and actively laboring for improved decision-making for the betterment of City neighborhoods, the residents and their families. 

    LaShana has always been focused on people and the families that make up our community. She makes an effort each day to understand what concerns our neighbors. She takes being the voice for our community very seriously” said Monroe County Legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell. 

   Boose’s unwavering vision for the Northwest is to ensure safer neighborhoods, paired with reducing poverty and continuing the fight for jobs in the Rochester area. In a previous statement announcing her campaign, Boose exclaimed, “My decision to run for office is solely based on my passion for serving people and the potential I see in our community every day. I have been actively advocating for this community and engaging neighbors to get involved in the improvement of our neighborhoods. I intend to serve the Northwest wholeheartedly and provide the leadership that will reach all people in the Northwest community.” 

  LaShana is a wife, mother, and a SUNY Buffalo and Regent University alumnae, proving further to be the ideal representation for the Northwest District.