Herbs for WinterWellness


Studies have shown antiviral properties and stimulation of the immune system. Researchers have also looked at this herb for treatment for cancer patients who have weakened immune systems from radiation and chemotherapy – helps them recover faster and live longer. USE: Take preventatively during the winter to build up the immune system. Don’t use during acute illness. Note: people with autoimmune disease should avoid


Good herb  for that person who gets every virus that goes around.

Calming/grounding effect that helps with anxiety and those who have sleep issues. USE: immune tonic, used preventatively.

•Holy Basil

High in essential oils so it’s an antibacterial and a digestive herb.

Nervine – calming/grounding herb used for overwhelm and over active mind. USE: colds, coughs, respiratory illness, low immunity and fatigue.

•Rose Hips

Food grade nutritive herb – high in vitamins A and C, variety of antioxidants (bioflavenoids). Naturally high in pectin – can be used as a thickening agent for herbal syrups or made into jams and sauces. USE: preventative immune tonic


Research shows that the elderberry can kill many flu viruses and shorten the duration of the flu. Contains flavonoids (antioxidants) that help prevent damage to the body’s cells. USE: preventatively as an immune strengthener and/or at the onset of cold/flu symptoms

•Lemon Balm

Sweet and aromatic leaves yield a delicious, uplifting tea. Good for newcomers to herbal tea. Calming to the nervous system. Traditionally used for insomnia.Anti-viral properties. USE: uplifting herb for mild, seasonal depression or as an anti-viral for colds and flu.


Traditionally used an important culinary herb.Improves digestion with its high aromatic essential oil content.Grounding – good for anxiety, depression.Antiseptic, antibacterial.  USE: sore throat, respiratory infections and colds.


One of the oldest plants on record.Highly potent and anti-microbial herb. Useful in clearing out infections.USE: acute symptoms, especially cough, sore throat, congestion, viral and bacterial infections