Cirque Zuma Zuma Coming to the Buffalo Area Feb 15th!

Acrobatics meet music and dance from across Africa 

Cirque Zuma Zumaan  African-styled Cirque du So-leil, comprised of uniquely-talented individuals from across 16 African nations, will perform at the Riviera Theatre,  67 Webster Street, North Tonawanda on Friday, Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. 

African Acrobats International, Inc. has established the ultimate African Circus. The cradle of all cultures, the ultimate source for all music, dance and ritual for all humanity. The thought of this rich continent brings in mind at once mysticism, magic and excitement. The African Acrobats International, Inc. has something new to bring to the American Audiences: the allure of the African Circus.

The non-stop, action-packed show features acrobats who made their USA television debut on America’s Got Talent. Acrobats, tumblers, lion dancers, contortionists, singers and gymnasts band together for the high-flying, off-the-wall spectacle of rhythmic music and pulse-pounding movement. 

This is a non stop ride of gravity defying, thrilling, edge of your seat, eye popping stunts.  Traditional arts and circus skills blends with classic African style. A must-see for all ages!

 Performer and group spokesperson Eve Kawadze said the goal is not just to entertain. “We want to bring through the African cultures in our performances so it is educating as well,” she said. “We have a unique style.”

She said they often encounter people who think of the diverse African continent as monocultural, and so they are excited to showcase performances from several different countries, such as Zulu dances from South Africa and kora music from West Africa. “We have come across people who think Africa is one country, so we have different African countries and languages being presented and coming together,” she said.

The song and dance is mixed with acrobatics, contortion, balancing and other elements popular in cirque-type shows. Their signature element is a human pyramid at the end of the show. “The show is quite breathtaking … it is high energy,” she said.

Originally from Harare, Zimbabwe, she has been with the group since 2017. Cirque Zuma Zuma has schools in Kenya and Tanzania, along with a scouting program that travels the African continent.  The cast hails from several countries, with around 15 members performing on this tour. The group has toured internationally for years and was in the semifinals of the “America’s Got Talent” on NBC in 2011.

Kawadze said she enjoys touring for the chance to interact with audience members.“It’s the response we get from the people the way we have managed to impact the audiences when we give them a taste of our culture,” she said. “I want people to look forward to a breathtaking performance. We are ready for them and are excited to meet them on the day of the show.”