Buffalo City Council is Urged to Consider a Woman for Comptroller

Dear Editor:

We urge the Buffalo Common Council to strongly consider one of at least two women who will be applying for the appointment to the City Comptroller position that was opened with the resignation of the former City Comptroller, Mark Schroeder.

In 2019 a mid-size City such as Buffalo should not have such unequal representation as is now the case in the City where all elected City positions are held by men.  

Vanessa Glusheski

Vanessa Glusheski, who is now the acting City Comptroller, has both a CPA and is an attorney.  Her education and experience make her an ideal candidate to run the Comptroller’s office with integrity and intelligence.

Barbara Miller-Williams has been a member of both the City Council and the County Legislator. As a seasoned elected official she could bring a deep knowledge of the City budget and the work of a Comptroller in helping the City stay financially fit.

Both of these women are excellent choices for the position and their qualifications should be considered first.

In this day and age we should look at the impact that having all male representation has on a City the size of Buffalo.  Numerous studies demonstrate that women govern differently.  That the decisions women make in office have a profound positive impact on the lives of the families they represent.  As we watched the recent negotiations over the re-opening of the federal government it becomes even more apparent that women are strong negotiators who hold the interest of their communities foremost.  We can add to that the case of the 2013 government shutdown when the women of the U.S. Senate are credited with re-opening the government. Women in government assure that our government serves the purpose for which it is intended – to serve the families in the community they represent.

It would be an embarrassment to the residents of the City of Buffalo if the Common Council did not take the fact that there are no women serving it City government, coupled with the fact that two qualified women have thrown their hat in the ring, and decided instead to appoint a man to this position. 

We urge the Council to make the right decision that will represent and serve all of the residents of the City of Buffalo by selecting a qualified woman for this appointment. 

Diana Cihak President Founder, WomenElect