An Apology Not a Celebration!

America’s 400th year celebration of 1619 should be an apology to The Descendants of Africa enslaved in America for over three hundred years. It is a shame on the history of this country. It is as much of a shame on America, as is the Trump presidency, which should be an insult to every moral minded, honest, descent human being in America and on the planet.

The event that America celebrates was that worst crime against humanity in the history of the world. From the first Asciento agreement, between Portugal and Spain, to the Berlin Conference where European nations came together to ravage the continent of Africa and enslave it’s people; to the enlistment of the pirate, rapist, and murderer Christopher Columbus to find new lands, like America, so those same European Nations could conquer and steal the land in order to build plantations and create a European economy off of the enslavement of African up to this proposed celebration continues that crime. 

The enslavement, murder, rape, theft and brutality against Black people during the Transatlantic Slave Trade was the worst crime against human beings ever committed.

This is not the first time that America has thrown it’s immorality, inhumanity and certainly insensitivity in the face of the descendants of Africa. The great African American statesman, Orator Author, Historian, Freedom Fighter, Civil Rights icon Frederick Douglas spoke out against such blatant insensitivity when he said what an insult the Fourth of July, independence day celebration is  to Black people in America, enslaved, defamed and discriminated against in every facet of American life. 

America owes Black people, the descendants of Africa, the deepest and longest standing apology that The United States Senate and United States Congress can construct as an ongoing proclamation. Of course when there is a legitimate Presidency, the New President must make a continuing reference to America’s need to make amends to Black people for the sins of the founders of this Country.

If we, who find ourselves by birth or by choice, as Citizens of this country, are to move forward into a future of true patriotic engagement, then we must make up for the wrongs of the past that continue to haunt us in White skin privilege and Black disenfranchisement. We cannot move forward without a truly restorative conversation based in truth and then engage our government and ourselves to bring about the kinds of resolutions that all American citizens can share in the fruits of.

Contributing Commentary /Writer/Educator / Inmate Advocate Baba Eng

Only, we Black people from all walks of life, in all areas of government, corporate and public  life in America, can make this Country right these wrongs. If we don’t do it in any and all ways that we can, then the shame is on us!