The Benefit From Running Goes Beyond Physical Exercise

by Gregory L. Gamble II

Running is one of the most popular and practiced sports worldwide! According to report published by Statista, almost 60 million people participated in running, jogging and trail running in 2017.

For me personally, running is an excellent way to stay fit and it provides the necessary exercise needed to stay healthy, as I have recently entered into the 30 and over club. One thing that I never thought I would gain from running is insight. Yet, on one of my first runs of 2019 is where I gained the insight for this piece.

It was a brisk January Saturday morning and honestly, I would have enjoyed just staying in bed. The question that I asked myself that morning was “what is the cost of being inconsistent?” because believe it or not, there is a cost!

As I answered my own question, I reluctantly got up and got appropriately dressed for the cold weather and long run I was about to partake. In my reluctance to go on this run, I noticed that I had created a mountain of mental barriers in which I had to overcome while in the midst of my run.

I had seemingly convinced myself that I had chosen too long of a route and needed to cut it short that day. Not because I was not capable, but because I did not feel like it. I had also created the notion that my goals of increasing my distance and the frequency, which I do, was inappropriate for someone not competing in the sport professionally.

All of these thoughts were circulating my mind like a whirlwind as I took each step, and each step seemed to get longer and longer. The weather seemed to grow increasingly colder and somehow, I seemed to have gotten so far from where I started, that I considered catching an Uber back!

It was at this point that I literally stopped running and had to yell at myself.

These words shot through my body like a lightning bolt! My soul was immediately pierced and out of nowhere, all doubt had been erased. I had seemingly intrinsically motivated myself by simply standing up to myself.

While finishing my run I thought, “How relevant was that experience?” The answer was and still is that it was extremely relevant. My goal and advice to those of you reading this year is to RUN.

Do not doubt the plans that you have established for your life. Do not doubt the thoughts that have entered your psyche that you have hesitated to even write down. You have Odds2Beat, don’t allow yourself to be your only true obstacle.

Once again, sports teaches us another great lesson in life and I am eternally grateful to have my own Odds2Beat! For your 2019, Bless Up!

At The Point Columnist Educator and Student-Athlete Advocate Gregory L. Gamble II