Project Mona’s House Receives Proclamation Acknowledging January as Slavery & Human Trafficking Awareness Month!

Kelly Diane Galloway Founder of Project Mona’s House, Buffalos First Restorative Home for Human Traffic Victims has been putting in serious work Fighting Against Modern Day Slavery and January 17 marked a monumental moment in the history of her fight against Human Trafficking.

Project Mona’s House received a proclamation from All Erie County Legislators acknowledging that January is Slavery & Human Trafficking Awareness Month throughout the County . Legislator April Baskin has played a key role in Project Mona’s House Restoration and Strong Advocate for victims in Erie County was among those who presented the proclamation .

” This is a great first step” says Galloway…Acknowledging that Human Trafficking Happens !, once thats done the real work can begin … and great things are coming ” she continued. Galloway has created a first ever Human Trafficking Awareness Month Concert she calls The Sound of Freedom that will be taking place January 25 7pm at the Landmark on Pearl , featuring Drea D’Nur, Curtis Lovell, Sehrea N’Dayu and Ten Thousand . Proceeds to benefit Project Mona’s House.

Go to for tickets and details on how you can be apart of the solution and help put an end to Human Traffic Victims .