Get Fokus’d Through The Lens “Warriors” Exhibition Highlights Stories of Survival

Through The Lens: “Warriors”
Opening January 25 6pm
On view through February 23
CEPA Gallery 617 Main (downtown)
free & open to the public

The Exhibit Highlights Survival Stories of Perseverance.

Get Fokus’d Productions “fokuses” on everyday people and exposes the human condition and the extraordinary people who persevered and beat the odds.

Aitina Fareed-Cooke, award winning photographer, artist and Creative Director of Get Fokus’d Productions knows the element of struggle and perseverance very well after losing her mom to drug addiction at a young age and being told she would be a failure to thrive. She ended up in the foster care system along with her two older siblings and later adopted. This experience is channeled through her life’s work in telling the stories of other people who went through pain and came out on the other side.

The exhibit “fokuses” on 8 Warriors comprised in a collection of portraits, literature, and short videos of women and men within the Buffalo community and even outside the area in Montreal, who persevered through extraordinary challenges. Attendees will view several portraits, from a baby who was born premature, to Cooke’s own 86-year old adoptive mother who fostered over 33 children in her lifetime.

“I wanted to capture their stories and highlight them so that the community can be enlightened, moved and encouraged to endure their circumstances and share their stories with others to create a domino effect,” Cooke says.

Warriors is the first of several exhibitions from Get Fokus’d Productions premiering this year and beyond. Follow them on IG @getfokusdproductions and find them on the web at