Bills Head to 2019 Draft: Real Season Begins!

The Bills are headed to 2019 NFL Draft and free agency with
plenty of money in their pocket You may remember Bills Brain
Trust Brandon Beene & Sean McDermott gutted a playoff team
and purposely put themselves in Cap jail by a whopping 70 million dollars. If I was an NFL owner, no way would I allow management to waste my money in such a fashion. That means 70 million dollars was paid to players that no longer played for the Bills but most likely your opponents. The moment of truth will be upon us sooner than later with NFL Free Agency period and finally the Draft. Beene & McDernott must come up with a new offensive line with Dion Dawkins moving
back to guard from his tackle position.
They must pick up linemen from the draft via free agency in order to combine veteran leadership and young talent to mesh together.
It’s easier said than done. The Bills brain trust must hit on several upcoming draft picks along with one or two high end free agents. You don’t have to spend all your money like you’re on a Rodeo Drive shopping spree. I will have possible options for Bills in the coming weeks.
Kyle Williams was an excellent role player for Bills during his 13
years of service. As you may recall his game was based on former
Buffalo Bill Marcel Dareus being doubled team by opposing
offensive linemen. Kyle was able to beat his man one on one in
order to make a tackle against opposing running backs or quarterbacks.
Once Marcel was traded Kyle Williams game diminished
considerably and the last New England Patriots and Jacksonville
Jaguar games were examples of how nose guard Star Lotuleiei and
Kyle Williams were run over throughout the game. The Bills need
to get rid of Star and his 10 million dollar a year price tag and draft
a nose tackle that can beat double teams. Those guys are hard to
find and very few good ones in the NFL. That’s why trading of
Marcel Dareus made no sense and our defense continues to suffer
behind that dumb move by “The process” team at one Bills Drive.
Hopefully they will make better selections in upcoming draft and
free agency periods.
Bills former interim Head Coach Anthony Lynn continues to out
coach his opposition this time being John Harbaugh in LA Chargers
23-17 win over Baltimore Ravens. Coach Lynn is proving to
be an outstanding Head coach and should win NFL Coach of the
Year Award. It’s a shame the Buffalo Bills organization missed out
on him.
Prediction: I’m picking the Chargers to upset New England Patriots
next Sunday in NFL Divisional Playoffs. Keep an eye on
Buffalo’s own Corey Graham and the Philadelphia Eagles as they
continue to win. I can see them upsetting the New Orleans Saints.
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Bills Reporter/ George Radney