Art Matters: Artist Talk with Aria Dean

Event: Voices in Contemporary Art with Artist Aria Dean
Where: Albright Knox Art Gallery
When: January 10 7:15pm
Cost: FREE
Aria Dean (American, born 1993) is an artist, critic, and curator whose work examines the frameworks of our individual and collective identities. She is particularly interested in the complicated relationship between “blackness” and the internet, which has created new platforms for the creation and consumption of culture. In conjunction with the first solo museum presentation of Dean’s work (on view in the Gallery for New Media through January 13, 2019), the Albright- Knox will host Dean for a presentation on her contributions to a larger conversation on the social effects of new technologies Outside of being an artist and exhibiting in renowned venues around the globe, Dean is the assistant curator of net art and digital culture at Rhizome. Her writings have appeared in various art publications including Artforum, e-flux, The New Inquiry, Art in America, and Topical Cream. The event will be moderated by the exhibition’s organizer, Assistant Curator Tina Rivers Ryan. The museum will be free and
open to the public from 5:30 to 9 p.m. The Albright-Knox’s Voices in Contemporary Art Lecture Series lends a microphone to contemporary artists exhibiting at the museum. The Series will connect these artists and their work to Western New Yorkers while fostering discussion on the societal and cultural trends they represent. Together with the talented
curators who collaborated on their exhibitions, these artists will
share details about their process, presentation, and inspiration.