The “Big Chop…”

If you are going to make a decision to stop perming/relaxing your hair you should get help deciding on how you’re going to do it and where you’re going to start.

I have had women come to Hair to go Natural after the “big chop” was done – hating the decision that they made and wanting it braided and I had to tell them that it was too short, too blunt and it would not last!

Woman are also opting to cut their hair because of illness (medication), thinning, lace fronts, liquid caps, bad color and etc. So seek professional consultation first. Ladies remember youtube does not have all the answers!

Please weigh both options and know what to expect from the “big chop” :

1. If you cut all the chemicals off you only have one texture. It probably would be short, but easy to care for. It would be less expensive and saves a lot of time.

2. Transitioning is sometimes more difficult to work with the two textures. It could take hours to shampoo, condition and style. Working women and moms don’t always have time! It could also cost a lot of money trying and buying products for both textures. You will also learn your natural texture or curl pattern. Black hair types are usually curly (3a, 3b,3c) or kinky (4a,4b,4c)

3. Short cuts save time and are easy to maintain. Use water in a spray bottle, combs, brushers or picks to maintain your natural short hair. Remember with any hair style, sleep with a silk or satin bonnet to keep oil in the hair not on your pillow case. Cotton could cause breakage. Use professional products to lay edges, shampoo, condition, mousses and etc.

4. No need to run for cover when it rains or snows because your hair won’t get ruined. This choice could be extremely liberating. You can exercise, swim with no worries.

Now we have the flip side of the big chop!

1. Everyone does not like boy short hair. The shape or size or your head matters. It’s a matter of preference. If you like long hair, it’s your hair!

2. Sorry, going short does not leave you with too many options. The teeny weeny afro will be it for a while and there is not much versatility! You could buy a wig or glue hair on.

I have been natural for 10+ years, I just couldn’t do the big chop. I wear braids, straw sets, rod sets, weave, two strand and flat iron. I always tell my clients with close cropped hair to wear big earrings, make up, hats, scarfs and headbands for a change. It is also good to do the big chop in the winter and let it grow out because we usually stay in a lot due to our extreme winter conditions.

3. Unfortunately, everyone will always have an opinion good or bad. You should remain strong with your choices because at the end of the day it’s your hair. Make an appointment at Hair to Go Natural before reaching for the shears yourself and carefully weigh the pros and cons of such a big decision.

Some women are pleasantly surprised to find that they love their new short cut. They may also appreciate the wash and go aspect that cuts minutes off their daily grooming routine. Whichever road you choose when you decide to stop relaxing your hair, it should be the way that works for you, your lifestyle, and your hair’s health.

If you’re confident in your decision, you will be as beautiful as ever. Call, Hair to Go Natural for a free consultation @ 716/883-2000 from 9a.m. – 5 p.m. and follow us on Instagram or facebook.

Have a wonderful holiday season! See you next year!