Pridgen Calls for Additional Funding to Fix BMHA Properties

Responding to residents complaints about deplorable conditions at BMHA housing sites during a recent meeting in the Council chambers, Council President Darius Pridgen is seeking additional funding to fix the deteriorating BMHA properties.

Pridgen suggested that if $1 billion can go to fix city schools and $1 billion allotted to jump start the local economy, the same amount should go to help restore decent living conditions to residents of BMHA housing developments.

He sent a letter to Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand also Rep. Brian Higgins calling on them to help get additional federal funding.

Mayor Byron supported Council Member Pridgen’s request for additional funding. However Rep Higgins also cited “consistent poor leadership and management” as being partly to blame.

City officials assure that new BMHA leadership is working to correct past issues as well as current concerns.