New Gallery Promotes Puerto Rican Fine Arts

The Founders of Campeche Art Gallery will host a grand opening of the Campeche Art Gallery in western New York on Friday, November 9 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at Art Space Gallery, 1219 Main St.

The mission of the Campeche Art Gallery is to exhibit, promote, market, and sell Puerto Rican Fine Art work, as well as work from Latin- American, Central America, and Caribbean countries, not limited to Music presentations (indoor and outdoor events), poetry readings, art and cultural exhibitions, lectures/ speakers on contemporary issues, educational documentaries, and films.

Campeche Art Gallery’s vision and goal is to reach the local, state, national and international art community. Campeche Art Gallery LLC founders: Alberto O. Cappas, Xenio T. Rivera, Jose C. Pizarro, Juan A. Gonzalez, Mervin Roman Capeles, Ph.D.