Dr. Mumbi Seraki: Kenyan Talk Show Host Visits Buffalo

The Juneteenth Festival, The Buffalo Kwanzaa Committee,The African Conscious Workshop and Project Access To AFreeKa e hosted the renowned Dr. Mumbi Seraki  at the Merriweather Library on Monday November 26.

Her address was  part of her 2018 U.S. Building Bridges tour. Dr. Seraki, described as “a charismatic and strong African woman on a mission for a better Africa,” hosts the Mumbi Seraki Show out of Nairobi, Kenya.

The Dr. Mumbi Seraki Show is one of Africa’s most highly rated online TV talk shows with a huge following across sub Saharan Africa and among Africans living in the Diaspora. She holds a PhD from the University of Nairobi in African Women Studies.

Her research focuses on the evolving self-image of the African people with a special focus on African women. Her Masters was in Human Resources Planning from Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland, where she developed the expertise of helping people identify their purpose and prepare for their careers. Her undergraduate degree was also in human resources and international business, from Loyola University of Chicago.

Dr. Seraki worked for the United Nations for close to 7 years in Geneva, Switzerland before returning to Kenya to join the national broadcaster. the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) for a popular TV show Afternoon Live for 3 years before moving to Nation FM, a national radio station, to host the popular breakfast show State of the Nation. Her life and career are committed to restoring the stolen identity of Africa and shining a spotlight on the mental and spiritual colonization that still oppresses her people.

She is committed to changing the narrative around the beautiful and diverse continent of Africa while encouraging more home-grown conversations about her destiny and future.