Beatriz LeBron:”I will not allow my words to be twisted or distorted “

The Rochester school board has begun the search to replace Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams who will be leaving the district at the end of January, ending her tenure six months before her contract runs out. Rochester School Board Commissioner Beatriz LeBron released the following statement to clarify her position in support of transparency in the selection process.

“The minutes of the November I, 2018 Special Meeting . include the Board’s discussion regarding selecting an executive search firm to assist with recruiting and screening candidates for superintendent of the Rochester City School District. These meeting minutes contain the following statement: “Commis­sioner LeBron suggested that the Board proceed with a closed process until finalist are determined.

“I want to clarify specifically what I meant, as I will not allow my words to be twisted or distorted to support those who are part of the dysfunction.”

“It is my intent to advocate for the Board to have the most open and transparent search process possible. With that, there has to be a level of anonymity and respect for those who apply. “l hope that 1f the Board selects a search firm, the Board will require the firm to engage in a comprehensive  community engagement process to develop a candidate profile that is reflective of the core educational values of the Board and the community. Following the development of the candidate profile, I will support the Board’s efforts to vet qualified candidates and present the finalists to the community.”

“I will advocate with my fellow commissioners to conduct a public interview process that . includes students, parents, community members, and staff. This interview process is to include a method for capturing feedback from stakeholders that the Board can use in making their final decision. I take the superintendent search process very seriously. As a par­ent for over 15 years in this District, I understand the frustration that people are experiencing. I understand that there has been a lack of transparency and understanding in the superintendent search and selection process in the past. I will continue to be an authentic and transparent individual, but I will not engage in discussions questioning or disputing my views. l urge those who disagree with my viewpoint to use their energy to vet the candidates to ensure that they have the best interests of our chil­dren at heart. It is my most sincere hope and goal to identify the most highly qualified and best-suited leader for the children in the Rochester City School District.”