A Little Motivation… From Duncan Kirkwood

Get up and take a step towards your dreams today. We spend so much time supporting other people’s dreams. When you put on your sneakers you are supporting the owners of Nike’s dreams. When you get in your car you are supporting the car designer’s dreams. When you turn on a song, you are supporting that artist’s dreams. But what are you doing to support your own dreams today? We only get this one life, spending it doing something that matters to you. Just think, however much time you have in your life, one third of it you will be asleep, one third of it you will be at work that doesn’t leave a lot of time for you to be wasting days.

You can decide that you are going to live each day as if you won’t get another chance at it. It doesn’t matter what happened to you last year, or what opportunities you didn’t get. What matters is what are you going to do now. It’s easy to blame someone else, it’s easy to complain or tear down people on Facebook. But it takes courage to act. It takes guts to work day in and day out for something that is important to you. Creating change is difficult and messy sometimes, and you are going to make mistakes. But that is the beauty of life, you don’t have to be perfect or even pretend to be. Everyone is flawed, and the people that own it usually are the ones who have the most joy in their lives.

So you have to decide, are you going to do average things, and have an average life, or are you going to dream big and make an impact on the world.

Every day you say no to your dreams, you could be pushing your dreams back a whole 6 months. – Eric Thomas.

Fear isn’t real !!!!

Fear is an illusion that we create. It is insane that we will create fear in ourselves and then act on that illusion that we made up as if its real. I’m not saying that we won’t have hard times, some ups and some downs. But giving up on yourself, giving up on your dream is easy. The real challenge is what do you do when you get knocked down, how do you persevere when nothing is going right or your back is against the wall. I encourage you to love yourself like you love your children, believe in yourself like you believe in the hope you have for your children. The final chapter of your life hasn’t been written. You are not too old to still accomplish something great.

My mother Iris Kirkwood motivates me so much. She is 64 and she is a c t i v e l y p e r u s – ing her dream of becoming an artist. She d r a w s t h e s e beautiful pieces of fantasy art and submits them to galleries across the country. It isn’t easy, and she is just now starting to see the success and recognition that she has been working towards. But she could have hung it up after she retired from nursing, but she keeps chasing her dream every day.

That is what we all have to do. Find our purpose, and then fight like hell to fulfill it. I challenge you all to take a step toward your dream today!