SafeHome: A Welcoming Community for Returning Citizens

It’s no secret that most people, returning to family and community from prison, have a difficult time. Navigating the outside world of old and new relationships, new technology, and oftentimes negative perceptions, can result in a recidivism rate that tells us that one out of three will re-offend within three years.

Rehabilitation on the inside is limited and re-entry programs on the outside often exist within tight budgets that can’t help everybody. Housing, employment, education, health, and more are areas requiring both funding and an understanding of the special needs of returning citizens and their families.

After 36 years in prison and nearly six years since his release, BaBa Eng has created a program that highlights the importance of developing a feeling of community inclusion for returning citizens and their families. As the founder of “SafeHome,” he has created an initiative based on the belief that “returning citizens deserve respect, dignity, and their humanity affirmed.” BaBa’s work as a Restorative Justice facilitator and practitioner is well-known in Western NY. The Community Health Center of Buffalo, on Benwood Avenue in this city, has added “SafeHome” to its menu of services to provide for the social re-integration and emotional well-being of returning citizens and their families.

At the next regular meeting of Prisoners Are People Too, BaBa will explain how “SafeHome’s” Restorative Justice process works as an alternative to the judicial process, especially for low level civil or criminal offenders. It should be noted that “SafeHome” accepts referrals from parole, probation, the court system and/or community conflict resolution service agencies.

The next regular meeting of Prisoners Are People Too will take place Today Monday, October 29, 2018, 7:00 – 9:00pm, at the C.A.O. Masten Resource Center (aka the Rafi Greene Center), 1423 Fillmore Avenue @ Glenwood Avenue.

For more information: Karima Amin, 716-834-8438 or BaBa Eng, 716-491-5319, or 716-986-9199 (x6007).