Reverend Judith Davis Rochester Board of Education Candidate Denies Media Report

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reporter Justin Murphy stated the following in an October 19, 2018 news article:

“By resigning now Deane-Williams avoids the prospect of an unsuccessful bid for a contract extension in negotiations with the school board.

The board’s newly elected members — Natalie Sheppard, Beatriz LeBron and Judith Davis, who won last month’s primary and will take office in January — have taken an aggressive stance toward the administration and seemed unlikely to approve an extension.

“As a candidate who is likely to be elected to the Rochester Board of Education in November 2018, I believe that it’s important for voters and the larger Rochester community to know that I have not had any discussion with Mr. Murphy, nor any other major media representative regarding my position relative to “a contract extension in negotiations with the school board.”

If I am to be elected in November, I believe it’s important to begin my tenure free of assumptions and/or assertions that are ascribed to me erroneously, or without my knowledge.

Media representatives and/or others who would like to be accurately informed about my positions concerning critical education issues, should feel free to contact me at