Radney’s Bills Report: Listless Bills Take another Beat Down against the Packers

Here we go already into week four of NFL season and the Bills took on the Packers at historic Lambeau Field. It’s was gray and dreary day with a high of 52 degrees at kickoff.

The Packers came out attacking the Bills defense and the bills were not ready for their schemes. The Bills just don’t bring it every week; It’s a on again off again team with very little offensive weapons. The Bills looked sloppy and disinterested in the game against the Packers. The Bills offensive was so terrible all Josh Allen could do is like Tyrod Taylor did – run with the ball! But Allen is no Tyrod Taylor and can’t make something out of nothing. Especially without wide receivers.

The Bills receivers are the most terrible I have seen in franchise history. They just can’t get off the line of scrimmage and get open. The Bills offense will not get any better until a new experienced group of wide receivers are brought in and allowed to play on a weekly basis. It’s getting very difficult to watch such bad football by a professional team.

The Bills front office philosophy on building a winning football team is way off base in getting the job done. You don’t get rid of talent that’s very hard to replace and think you can get by with journeymen players. You are supposed to bring in talent and. We are only four games in with 12 games left and things are going to get a lot worse.

Bills still have Nathan Peterman on the roster and not one quality receiver, yet “The Process” has not brought in any talent at all. “I was reading my keys and picking up the Packers tendencies along with we must execute better including myself,“ said Bills cornerback Taron Johnson. “ I left a couple of plays on the field. I must get better at … adjusting to the speed of the game and playing at a faster pace.”

Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson said, “I feel good to get back out there with my teammates to game plan the past two weeks, so it’s good to play;” I feel the Bills are not using him as an edge rusher ever since his best game as a Bill against the Carolina Panthers where he put pressure on the quarterback using a three technique.

You must remember Marcell Dareus was still our nose tackle at the time. It’s amazing that players like Shaq Lawson, Lorenzo Alexander, and Jerry Hughes are not being used to the best of their abilities.

The Bills return to new ERA Field to face the Tennessee Titans with several young talented football players next Sunday unlike the Buffalo Bills roster.

I’m going with the Titans in a laugher for them 24-10.

I predict the Bills only score will be provided by the defense.