Masten Boys & Girls Club Alumni Assoc. Provides Financial Support and Scholarships

The Masten Boys & Girls Club Alumni Board of Directors presented the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo with a check for $10,000 back in August 2018  during ceremonies at the at the Masten Boys & Girls Club, 397 Northland Avenue.

Masten Boys & Girls Club alumni from all over the country, including Curtis Aiken, Rob Lanier, Anthony Merriweather, Sheila Brown, Lester Rowe, Jason Rowe, John Thomas, Tina Stafford, Darryl Carter, Garcia Leonard, and Reverend Tony Mathews to name just a few, have often converged locally to show support for what many called their home away from home when they were growing up in Buffalo’s Masten District, and the place to which many attribute their current day success.


Current members of the Alumni Association’s Board of directors were on hand to present the check for $10,000 along with two $1,000 scholarships for two current Masten Boys & Girls Club members.

The scholarships, funded by the Masten Alumni will be used to help with expenses for college.