FEMI SECRETS: Buffalo Based Entrepreneur Focused on Creating Change!

by Jennifer Parker / Jackson Parker Communications

Davielle Jackson, a 2017 43North winner and 43North 2018 follow up funding recipient, is focused on creating change. As the founder and president of Femi Secrets, she is an entrepreneur on a mission to not only change the feminine care industry, but how women view their feminine health and monthly cycles.

Based in Buffalo, her goals are bold and visionary and includes building her own manufacturing facility here and expanding globally. She credits her parents with instilling in her, the entrepreneurial spirit. “I am a small-town girl from Marksville, Louisiana that attended local catholic schools. My parents, Mary and David, instilled in my sisters and I values such as love, teamwork, and greatness as core foundations to life,” she said. “The entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well in my household as both of my parents operated several businesses. I was able to observe the awards and challenges of entrepreneurship.”

A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, it was the 43 North start-up competition that brought her to Buffalo. In addition to $500,000, she won free incubator workspace, New York state tax incentives, and guidance from mentors. “I love Buffalo,” she said, “ the business eco system is thriving and inspiring. I really love how easy it is to get around the city. I can literally walk to my church on Sunday!”


As a female feminine care owner in a male dominated industry, Davielle feels the obligation to push the message forward about toxic chemicals that are currently used in leading feminine care brands. In addition, she has a strong desire to bring awareness to the cost of these products that has created an international menstrual equity movement. Feeling comfortable and secure about full coverage during the most natural part of a young woman’s life should not be an obstacle because of cost.


Davielle envisions a time when all women have access to healthy feminine care products in addition to an expansion of research and a decrease in the number of medical conditions impacting women such as fibroids, ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer.


Disrupting the feminine hygiene care market and creating “Pretty Panty” – the first product from Femi Secrets – was not a planned career move for Davielle. The development of Pretty Panty began when Davielle was a Biology major in college and with her attempt to help a friend. According to Davielle, “My friend told me ‘I really need your help’ and expressed that she had extreme flow during her period caused by PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) that was debilitating to her life. She was at the point of sleeping on multiple towels, while using two to three tampons at night, missing classes, and work. Moved by her candor, I worked at this problem until I developed a solution.” Davielle named the product “Pretty Panty” because it provided, not only full coverage, but was very pretty. Pretty Panty, a fashionable leak-proof panty with a built-in pad, offers women a chemical-free feminine care option, that is disposable. “Women should feel good about embracing everything Femi,” states Davielle.


“The mission continues to elevate the health and wellness of women by changing the shame and stigma placed on them during their menstrual cycles,” continues Davielle. ” The focus now is how women purchase these items. “With the introduction of a monthly subscription service, we are taking the products directly to the consumer. The new subscription service will include our signature product Pretty Panty, and an array of menstrual cycle accessories, plus a femi surprise discreetly delivered to subscribers. “Femi Secrets is all about making women ‘feel limitless.’ We have 5 more patents pending with products ranging from breast feeding to beauty. We will continue to make women’s lives easier and better by breaking down barriers and creating innovative products. ”


One year after opening her first company, Davielle, at the age of 26 partnered with Walmart. It was at that point that she decided she wanted full control over her destiny and securing her financial future. She dropped out of medical school, resigned from her job, and followed her passions and dreams. Being asked many times how she accomplished her business successes at such a young age and in such a short time inspired Jackson to write “Ready, Set, Go!: The Green Print.” The book is a guide to helping entrepreneurs jump start their business and assists readers with identifying their passions and making their dreams a reality. The goal of “Ready, Set, Go!: The Green Print” is to provide readers with the necessary tools to not only be successful in life, but in business as well.

You can find Ready Set Go! on all major book sales websites as well as my own personal book webpage at www.Welcometothegreenprint.com.


Femi Secrets, a company focused on everything Femi, did not want Breast Cancer Awareness Month to pass without honoring the survivors and remembering those who lost their battles with Breast cancer. On Sunday, October 28, Femi will host a 5K Run/Walk at Delaware Park from 10:00 am – 12 Noon. Participants are welcome to join the Femi team for the run and post race community gathering.


Going forward, this creative, talented and beautiful young “millennial business mogul” plans to focus on business growth in Buffalo, including opening a fulfilment and distribution center where she expects to create over 120 new jobs in the next 3-5 years. Learn more about Femi Secrets at www.femisecrets.com