Brittaney Wells Elected Monroe County Democratic Committee’s New Chair!

Brittaney Wells was elected to a two-year term as the Monroe County Democratic Committee’s new chair by members during the party’s Oct. 4 2018 organizational meeting. In August, this amazing young woman was appointed Executive Director of the Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC), making her the first African American in the organization’s history to hold a leadership position.

Wells, who also previously served the MCDC’s executive vice chair, worked as Mayor Lovely Warren’s campaign manager during her successful 2017 primary and general election bids. In an interview with Open Mic, she had praise for Mayor Warren. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mayor Warren for the last 5 years, possibly the longest I’ve ever worked for any political leader but she’s also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever come across — in or out of politics.

Since her administration began, Mayor Warren has put a strong emphasis on cultivating talent as well as creating opportunities and opening doors for young people. As long as you are willing to work, she believed in giving you a seat at the table. If there is any influence I plan to bring to the county level it would be developing the next generation of leaders and making sure the Democratic Party has a deep and talented bench of candidates to tap for elected office.”

Brittaney Wells is more than ready and qualified for this powerful new position. She also served as the City of Rochester’s Office of Community Wealth Building and has worked on City Council, State Assembly, congressional and presidential campaigns When asked by Open Mic how she got into politics she replied: “I was an engineering student in my junior year at Penn State and it was the 2008 presidential year for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — of course I was Team Obama!

I began volunteering during the Primary election and had the opportunity to meet some amazing surrogates from both campaigns like Ted Kennedy, John Legend, Dan Rooney, Marcia Dyson, and Bill Clinton. “Eventually the Obama campaign offered me an organizing position and I jumped at the offer, although my parents were a little disappointed that I would be taking time off from school.

With that being said, I wouldn’t suggest temporarily dropping out of college to get involved in politics, but I will say it’s important to get involved either by volunteering or interning with the local party and/or political campaigns. Working on the Obama campaign in 2008 changed my life and ultimately changed my career trajectory. After the campaign, I was confused about what to do but my mentor gave me the best advice, ‘Follow your passion, if this is what you truly love give it your all and surely success will follow.’ “ Congratulations Ms. Wells!