Block Club Winners of Community Recycling Competition Announced

The 18th Street Come-N-Unity Block Club was the top winner of Mayor Byron Brown and the City of Buffalo’s Let’s Do This! Block Club Recycling Competition for 2018.

The 18th Street Come-N-Unity Block Club increased community participation in curbside recycling by 133%! Second place went to the Montrose Block Club. As winners of the competition, these Block Clubs will receive a Community Shredding Event and/or a concrete planter.

Winners were announced at the Apollo Media Center. Let’s Do This! Block Club Recycling Competition was launched in 2017 to incentivize residents to participate in curbside recycling and help bring the City to its goal of 34% recycling. Over 1,800 households in 25 Block Clubs participated in the friendly and fun competition.

Participating Block Clubs included 18th Street Come-N-Unity Block Club, Academy/ St. Mary’s Block Club, Arden/ Newburgh Block Club, Bird- Herkimer Block Club, Blaine Avenue Block Club #1, Columbus Avenue Block Club, Cottage District Safety Committee, Courtland Avenue United Block Club, Essex Street Neighborhood Association, F&K French Street Block Club, Fargo Estate Neighborhood Association, Fordham Drive Block Club, Grant-Amherst Block Watchers, Indian Orchard Block Club, Montrose Avenue Block Club, Mortimer- Spring Block Association, Neighborhood Voice Community Association, Reed St. & 11 Streets Block Club, Roebling Avenue Block Club, Seneca-Babcock Community Block Club, Shiloh Resident Council, Sumner, Brinkman, Scheu Park Block Club, University Park Historic District and Vermont Triangle Block Club. F

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