Bills Done In By “The Peterman” Once Again in 2 –13 Loss to Texans

The Bills came out with two fumbles by Ray McCloud. The second fumble was received by the Texans and led to an outstanding reception by DeAndre Hopkins. The Bills offense was once again offensive to watch and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. What a sloppy game played by both teams which was hard to watch at times.

It was the fastest moving game of the day. The Bills defense played tough all day except the secondary with all kinds of penalties kept the Texans drives alive. Bill Parsells said “You are what your record says you are…..” That quote was painfully evident in watching the Bills v. Texans game with both teams having a 2-3 record going into the game. Nathan Peterman had to play and looked good at first and then he realized he is Nathan Peterman and the turnovers came in bunches. He has no arm strength to throw an out pattern nor the wisdom to get rid of the ball.

Bills Offensive coordinator Brian Dabold should have called draw plays along with screen passes to get us down the field. Peterman threw two horrible Interceptions and a Bills lead just before the 2 minute warning that cost them the game. Brian Dabold seems to choke with his play calling at critical situations in the game. He should never call for an out pattern with Nathan Peterman as your QB. He doesn’t call that play with Josh Allen in the game. The injury to Josh Allen means the Bills must start veteran QB Derek Anderson in next week’s game.

The question is, when is Peterman going to be cut a quality veteran receiver brought in his roster spot or else the rest of the season is going to be a disaster. He should have never made the team with his weak arm and poor judgement. It’s amazing that the Pegula’s are allowing management to keep several non-NFL players like Nathan Peterman on the roster for so long. The defense is NFL is efficient, but a very below average offense should have been addressed in off season.

The Bills go back on road to face the Indianapolis Colts next Sunday. Derek Anderson should be able to calm the offense and make short throws like screens or drops offs to running backs. His experience and judgement should be an asset this week. It will be another close game with Bills losing to Colts 13 – 10.

 Bills Reporter/ George Radney

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