The race for state attorney general has been described as the most important choice facing New York voters in the Thursday, September 13th Primary. Next Thursday, September 13th, we have a unique opportunity to vote for the most prepared, qualified and experienced candidate running for this coveted position, Leecia Eve. The daughter of two amazing public servants – former Deputy Speaker Arthur O. Eve and educator and woman’s rights advocate Constance Eve, Leecia, a graduate of Harvard Law School, has years of experience in government and a deep, lifelong, unwavering commitment to public service. Articulate and knowledgeable, she best describes herself as “the most prepared and experienced” person running to serve as “the people’s lawyer.” The New York Times recently called her “impressive “ and encouraged her to remain in politics. But Leecia is ready to serve now! And she is more than capable! Next Thursday, on Primary Election Day September 13th, Join us in going to the polls to vote with pride for the best candidate running in the race for attorney general – Leecia



We have been watching Jumaane Williams since he first declared his run for lieutenant governor. Williams, a seasoned NYS Councilman for 9 years, is a true progressive/ activist who is “running to be the independent voice we need in Albany.” He sees his role, if elected, as being a voice of the people and making sure the governor and elected officials are accountable. His platform includes accessible healthcare, protection of women’s rights, immigrants, LGB&Q communities and immigrants, affordable housing, quality education, voting rights protection and protecting communities from gun violence. Jumaane is an experienced politician and has run an impressive race with strong support from his Brooklyn base. Join us in voting for Jumaane Williams for Lieutenant governor on Primary Election Day, Thursday, September 13th.



City Court Judge Debra L. Givens is running for County Court. A graduate of UB Law School, and an attorney for some 30 years ,she was first appointed to City Court 15 years ago by then Mayor Anthony Masiello. She had to run to keep her seat after that, and has done so successfully ever since. She’s now running for County Court, and her experience and community involvement makes her a perfect candidate for this position. Rated Well Qualified by the Bar Association of Erie County, Judge Givens is a veteran and seasoned criminal court judge who has presided over thousands of cases that have come into city court. Her experience makes her a perfect candidate to fill this vacancy on the county court bench. Judge Givens possesses the sensitivity, knowledge and understands the inner workings of the community that she’s going to be presiding over. That will be a real plus for this community. But it can’t happen without your vote! Please join us at the polls next Thursday, September 13th and vote for -for experience, quality and diversity on- the. County Court Bench!” Vote for Debra L. Givens, Erie County Court Judge!


Other 63rd Senate Race Profiles


What do you see as the most pressing issue facing the district and how do you plan to address it in terms of solutions?

By far the most pressing issue we’re facing is the challenge of creating equal opportunities across all corners of our community, and making sure all Western New Yorkers have access to a better future. Whether it’s through concepts like community schools or projects like the Northland Workforce Training Center, which will train the advanced manufacturing workers of tomorrow, we’re working to make sure everyone has the resources and tools needed to succeed. We’re making progress, but our work is far from finished.

Why should the community vote for you?

Growing up, my parents instilled the importance of faith, family, and community in my siblings and me at an early age. My mother is a nurse, and she inspired me to start my career in occupational therapy. I spent a decade helping critically injured children and seniors get back on their feet, and through my work as a state senator, I’m still doing what I love: helping people



What do you see as the most pressing issue facing the district and how do you plan to address it in terms of solutions?

I believe that the most pressing issue we face as a district is having a Senator that does not represent the concerns and needs of the district as a whole. We deserve representation that is courageous enough and concerned enough to always act in the best interest of all the people of our district. In lying silent on major issues like the deaths at the Holding Center and the high level of crime in our communities, we currently have leadership that has failed us and has ignored the concerns and needs of the people.

Why should the community vote for you?

The community should vote for me because I’m here to truly represent the needs of the community. As an independent Democrat, I’m not beholden to the party bosses or corporations or lobbyists like my opponent is. I pledge to always represent the best interest of the community, and to not ignore and overlook our concerns and needs. Being from the community, my perspective and life experiences give me a clear understanding of the issues facing our community. As an attorney, I possess the