The Process 0 -2, After Second Beat Down of The Season

The Radney Report by George Radney

The Bills offense came out looking slow and lacking tempo. The Chargers were beating up on our JV Bills lineup. It’s a shame that McDermott & Beane have destroyed a proud franchise so badly that players are retiring from football after dealing with them. Keenan Robinson retired during pre-season stating that he could do other things in life. Anquain Bolden retired last year after dealing with “The Process,” before start of the 2017 season. Just when we thought we had seen everything Bills starting cornerback Vontae Davis quit at halftime during Sunday’s game and went home!

That’s unbelievable that an NFL player would quit and announce on Facebook his retirement. Vontae was very unprofessional and should be fined by the Bills and NFL. Brandon Beane should never had signed him after a serious groin injury which tore his muscle completely away from the bone. It was obvious at training camp that Vontae was a shell of himself (I said that in a previous column). The Bills are on the hook for 3.5 Million and 1.7 Million opening day roster bonuses for a total of around 5.3 Million. Beane and McDermott should be fired immediately because the entire team is about to quit on them. This is the worse Bills roster I have ever seen in over 30 years. These guys are way over their heads in running an NFL team.

It also seems like Kim Pegula as team President is in need of an experience NFL person to run her football operation. L.A. Chargers Head Coach and former Buffalo Bills interim Head coach Anthony Lynn once again beat his former team. Said Lynn, “the Bills defense played well, they took things away from us and we went to other options. We always use crossing routes as part of our offensive game plan; I was very pleased with wide receiver Mike Williams taking advantage of his opportunities today, and that unsportsmanlike penalty called on cornerback Desmond King II (Led to the Bills first score of game) was stupid on his part and is not what Championship teams do. I spoke to him about it (I can’t repeat what I said to him) and you will never see that from Desmond again.”

This is what a real NFL Head Coach sounds like and having total control of his team. I’m glad Anthony Lynn after over 16 years as a coach in the NFL has finally been given an opportunity to be a Head Coach. He’s over qualified for the job and thanks to Mr. John Wooten (he’s responsible for getting resumes of qualified African Americans for Front Office jobs and Coaching positions. Please Google his name a true leader for African Americans.) Said Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram II : “The Bills did nothing surprising, we came out and had fun by making plays, putting pressure on the quarterback and winning. We have to get into the lab and build each week, and it’s only one win and a long way to go.” The Chargers are a team on the rise because they drafted well and most importantly kept their talented veteran players while building a quality football team.

The Bills just continue to get rid of talented veterans even the day before the game in Jeremy Kerley’s case. The wheels have pretty much come off for the Bills season in the second game and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more players quitting on them on the field. The Bills travel to Minnesota to face number one defense in the league and looks like a b low out with the Bills playing a better game, but without much talent on the field it will go down to defeat 31 – 10.

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