Music Knot Entertainment “We Are The Difference”

Music Knot Entertainment ‘since 03’  founded by T. Brizzy Brown (CEO) and business partner John Stover Jr. two cousins from Buffalo’s east side, have been steadfast on the entertainment grind since 2003 and continue to withstand the test of time in the industry. The label has diverse and different styles that have caught the ears of directors and producers in both film and music, making its mark to stand out from the rest in the entertainment world. Their slogan ,“We Are The Difference,” says it all.

Music Knot Entertainment Pictured l/r CEO T. Brizzy Brown and business partner John Stover Jr.

“We don’t follow trends, some labels just do music but we do it all, we always have a variety of creative people making it happen we believe in creative freedom as long as it’s positive we’re down for it,” says CEO T. Brizzy

Beyond the balanced pairing of CEO and business partner this duo also takes to the stage as one of the many musical acts under the company’s umbrella . They have also performed as very memorable actors in theatre like Director/ Playwright Phil Davis “Family Before Everything” ( the play is being turned into a movie) and the hit series “PURE” (T. Brizzy as Orlando and John Stover as Moe) and for both projects among many others scored the music! There is also going to be a new short bio-pic  “The Boy The Man The Artists” about the life of   T. Brizzy Brown, his life in the streets and his work in music and his family.

The duo never takes their talents nor that of others for granted and are grateful to work on the variety of projects they have over the years with a many visionaries. Some of the music entertainers with Music Knot have performed for local signed / unsigned acts as well as big names like 50Cent, Nas, Trina, Method Man & Red Man, Juvenile, and Buffalo’s own Stevie J. Not to mention the release of Amina Boyd aka “Amina the Empress” album Transitions that is still a hot ticket item for the entertainment group.

The latest 2018 project release “Legend in My Own Mind” the best of T-Brizzy Brown is a collection of all of all his songs and smash hits since 1999 to present, featuring a plethora of well known signed Buffalo artists & producers like Benny the Butcher, DJ Shay, Conway and Jimmy Dukes to name a few. The response to this release has been great and T. Brizzy shows and proves he is a true legend.

They are currently working behind the scenes of a new series Hunger Payngs and a new record “The Other Side of Me” where T. Brizzy gives you the singer songwriter versatility and sound of all the different types of music he and Stover listened to growing up.

Stay tuned for more from this entertainment group and find these artists on Sound Cloud, Datpiff, Youtube , Itunes and other social media outlets . You can also follow them on social media @TBRIZZYBROWN AND @JOHNJSTOVER3  – L.H.