Mary Eva Howard Featured in National Stop Bullying Documentary

Mary Eva Howard( is a former special needs student at Cheektowaga Central High School. She has been active in the Stop Bullying Program since mid-2017 and since January 2018 has traveled to over 50 cities across the country, spreading the Stop Bullying message. She is featured in an upcoming National Stop Bullying documentary film and is part of a huge fundraising effort through LA Fitness, Tops, Walmart, and 7-Eleven National Store chain contracts.

One of the main issues Mary speaks out about is the Bullying Tactics of the “Just-Us” System. She s has personally witnessed and has been deeply affected by the Bullying tactics of Juvenile Detention, Foster Care, Family Court, and CPS. Mary wants to personally thank Senator Tim Kennedy for supporting her and the program efforts.

Mary’s message to all the bullies out there is a simple one; “PLEASE STOP.” Mary goes on to express how young people are committing suicide over bullying and how some youth are so angry from being bullied in school that they get a gun and shoot the entire school up and kill innocent people.

If you would like to support Mary’s efforts and the efforts of the Stop Bullying Program please call 716-370-6289.