Zachery Enters Race for The 63rd State Senate!

Attorney Shaqurah Zachery has formally announced her candidacy in the race for the 63rd State Senate seat in the September 13th Primary.

Mrs. Zachery is a former educator and an experienced lawyer with a focus in the areas of Family Law and Education Law. She has practiced for the past 16 years and holds degrees from Northwestern University and SUNY at Buffalo Law School. An Independent Democrat, she hopes to become the first African American female New York State Senator from our district.

This is her first run for political office. “In the 63rd State Senate District we have the highest rate of poverty in the state per capita,” she said, “and it doesn’t have to be that way!” “Policy and legislation is the only way we ’re going to get real change,” she continued, “thus my desire to step into the political fray. I believe we deserve better.”

“As an elected Senator I will lead the effort to eliminate people like Sheriff Tim Howard from office,” she said. “We have to hold elected officials who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and New York, accountable.”

She recently called on Governor Andrew Como to “exercise his gubernatorial authority “ and remove Sheriff Howard from office “immediately before any more deaths take place.” To date, under his watch, there have been 24 deaths at the Erie County Holding Center. “My opponent in the upcoming primary, Tim Kennedy, has the endorsement o f the party bosses, however he has remained absolutely silent while these abuses and deaths at the Holding center have taken place.”

Also among her priorities as Senator will be Public Safety, education reform, prison reform, public transportation reform and “fighting for the poor, the hardworking families and seniors of our district.”

Her chances of being elected to the 63rd Sate Senate seat she said, are good. “When I look at the demographic breakdown, it’s a very doable thing,” she said, citing the following: 50% of the district is made up of African Americans and encompass the councilmatic districts of Masten, Fillmore, Lovejoy, University, Ellicott and parts of Niagara, all of Lackawanna and six districts in Cheektowaga with a sizable percentage of African Americans.

In this age of Black Lives Matter, she said that Black Votes Matter as well.

“The Black vote has been taken for granted. In addition, there is a great deal of misinformation in our community regarding the right of convicted felons to vote. I have met many people along my travels who have been convicted of a felony but inaccurately believe that they are not allowed to vote. This misconception is pervasive and damaging to the integrity of the civil liberty that our people have fought long hard battles for.”

So far, she said, her candidacy has been “a walk of faith.” “I’m not in this for me…but when you feel the call…when you see a need to be that advocate and that voice…not to follow thru , would mean I failed in my purpose.”

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