The Groove Fights Back! Sues City Over Shutdown

BUFFALO — Owners of the Groove Lounge/ Club 1210 are not taking the city’s recent decision to shut the popular Broadway Avenue night spot down without a fight. They are legally and very publicly pushing back.

Soon after a July 22 shooting and the club’s closing, owners of the Groove published and distributed a scathing 23-page full color booklet charging that Buffalo Police Commissioner Lockwood and Mayor Brown took the action to cover up what they called the alleged misconduct of a Buffalo Police officer.

“Black Businesses Matter too,” they declared. The shooting incident that led to the shutdown, they point out, took place outside the bar after it was closed and was clearly not a spill-over from inside the establishment. It involved an off duty police officer, an ex-police officer and the son of a retire police officer. “Should this be an internal affairs issue?” Groove owners asked.

A rally was held on August 1st and a lawsuit has been filed against the City of Buffalo accusing the city of “Selective enforcement” in shutting them down, leaving some 20 employees without a job. Groove owners, in their document, point to four shootings in the City of Buffalo establishments where all the victims are minorities and the owners are not African Americans, yet each has remained open even after the fatal shootings occurred – among them, The City Grill, the scene of the worse killing in Buffalo history inside a bar. It was temporarily closed, changed their name and reopened.

The Groove’s administrative hearing was and their hearing in state court over the lawsuit has taken place and we are awaiting updates on the verdict .

Co-owner Laurie Anderson said during a press conference and rally outside the Groove: “They do not want us here. Actually they say we are not a good fit. They have said that from day one, but our supporters, as you can see, say a different thing.

*photos used in this post are from Groove Lounge FB Page from Rally held August 1st In Front of the Lounge