Kerns Bowling Center 10th Anniversary!

Kerns Bowling Center Celebrates 10th Business Anniversary Mayor Declares “Kerns Avenue Bowling Center” Day!

When Daniel Adams purchased Kerns Avenue Bowling Center, naysayers said he wouldn’t last more than two or three years. That was a decade ago.

Last Saturday Daniel, his wife Francena (pictured right) and their able staff hosted their 10th anniversary celebration which included free bowling, food and drinks for kids and specials for adults until closing. They also received a Proclamation from Mayor Byron Brown who declared August 11 “Kerns Avenue Bowling Center Day” in The City Of Buffalo.

The proclamation cited the following: •Daniel Adams Jr. serves as President and CEO of Kerns Avenue Bowling Center, located at 163 Kerns Avenue, the only African American owned bowling facility in the state of NY.

Dan is a member of the Western NY Proprietors Association. He is trained and certified from the Buffalo State Restaurant Institute, and Bowling Center School of Management and is actively involved with the International Bowl Expo and East Coast Bowling Centers conferences and workshops.

It’s been over a decade since he purchased the business and since that time he has established several sanctioned leagues; hosted the citywide television program, “Beat the Champ,” has sponsored several community youth activities and bowling classes/ leagues, and hosts the Buffalo Public School bowling program. •Daniel Adams Jr. worked at the New York Telephone Company, and trained and served in the Military Police for the United States Army.

He is a lifelong member of NAACP, and the recipient of several awards and honors. A native of Buffalo, Dan attended Buffalo Public Schools, graduated from Bennett High School and received a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Erie Community College.

He and his wife Francena have two daughters and five granddaughters. Congratulations!

Kerns is located at  163 Kerns Ave Buffalo, New York