Highlights In Sports With Andre ‘The Torch’ Robinson

I want to thank everybody for rising up right with me this week.

Let’s get right into the highlights.

Buffalo Bills News On last Friday night at New Era Field, everyone who is a true Bills fan had plenty reason to “Billeve” as this Bills team showed a lot of promise. The quarterbacks were very active in making the best out of every play. The offensive line played well. We saw a lot of potential from the running back position. The wideouts were pretty good as well. The only cons I observed was that the wide outs have to continue running after a play breaks down. Secondly, Josh Allen needs to put more touch on his throws but Allen will be able to fix that with time and practice. Thirdly, the running backs can’t get ahead of themselves as they were called for multiple false start penalties. Finally, the second and third unit on defense have to bear down more and not allow points as they were outplayed in the second half as Carolina outscored the Bills 21-6 for a 28-23 preseason win over the Bills. On the upside though, Nathan Perriman went 9/10 for 119 yards 1 touchdown and an unfortunate interception. AJ McCarron was 7/10 for 116 yards and Josh Allen went 9/19 and had 116 yards passing as well and he complemented Bills Mafia with a touchdown pass. To me, it looks like the pregame altercation between Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin fueled Kelvin as he caught nine passes for 54 yards and a touchdown reception from Nathan Peterman. Look forward to the next preseason game as the Bills take on former Bills QB Tyrod Taylor and the Cleveland Browns this Friday night.

Buffalo Bisons News

The Buffalo Bisons recently held a superhero theme night at Cola Coca Field where many heroes came out to entertain the Herd fans. My favorite superhero has been a very distinguished and polished player by the name of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. who was called up from the Double AA baseball league and is the son of the legendary Vladimir Guerrero who played 16 seasons in the major leagues. Guerrero Jr. is nothing short of amazing and during his time as a Buffalo Bison, Guerrero Jr hit home runs in fourth consecutive games this past week. Also since joining the Herd, Guerrero Jr. has recorded 15 hits in 34 at bats in which his batting average for the Herd is an astonishing .441. This guy has been AJ Styles phenomenal. Buffalo Bisons fans should come down to Coca Cola Field and catch Guerrero Jr. and the Herd as they have only 8 home games left in the 2018 season.

Buffalo Sabres News

The summer of 2018, has truly been an icebreaker for the Buffalo Sabres. From signing the number one overall draft pick to re-constructing contract extensions for players worthy of its purpose to making trades with the Carolina Hurricanes in which the Sabres acquired Jeff Skinner this week for 3 draft picks and Cliff Pu. The Sabres look to be making moves to become a playoff team. The Sabres will most likely need a few more pieces before accomplishing that goal and with five weeks left before the Sabres preseason home opener on September 18 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Sabres will have time to make more moves. Will the Sabres be significantly better this season? My prediction is that the Sabres at this point will barely miss the playoffs but we shall see.

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