Deadline To Register for the Sept 13 Primary is August 19th !!

Register To Vote!

From The Desk of Betty Jean Grant  / We Are Woman Warriors

In addition to registering former felons and those ex-offenders who are currently on parole, this writer is reaching out to the youth to make sure they are registered to vote for the upcoming September Primary Election.

The registration application is a simple one page form that can be filled out and signed in less than five minutes. Also, under new leadership at the board of elections, the process of receiving a voting application and getting one’s voter card has been trimmed to one week or less.

That is something that was simply unheard of a few years ago. I recall some applicants waiting six weeks or more for a voter card to be mailed out. The primary election this year is Thursday, September 13th.

The fact that it is on a Thursday is going to assist in what many are predicting to be a low voter turnout election.

They are saying this because of the low turnout that happened in 2012 when Gov. Andrew Cuomo changed the election from Tuesday, September 11th to Thursday, September 13th out of respect to the 911 or the September 11th tragedy that happened at the World Trade Towers, in New York City in 2001.

Millions of voters were not used to voting on a Thursday so they either stayed home or forgot to go out and vote. I am taking this opportunity to alert you to the change in the voting day this year because, for our community, every vote is needed in order to vote in the representatives that are going to turn our communities around.

But if you don’t get registered by August 19th or you registered as a Blank, this primary season is not for you. I am sorry but you will have to sit this election out. Those voters who elected not to choose a political party, cannot participate in that political party’s election. They can only vote in the General Election, where the election process is open to all regardless of party affiliation. But for me and hopefully, most of you, I shall see you at the polls on Primary Day, September 13, 2018!

Betty Jean Grant/ Contributing Columnist