Buffalo Bills Updates with George Radney

Bills Back for 19th Training Camp in Rochester

It’s almost hard to believe that the Buffalo Bills are back for their 19th season in Rochester, NY! I can remember like it was yesterday, when a Doug Flutie/ Rob Johnson led Bills team came to St. John Fisher campus along with Eric Moulds, after the infamous “Touchdown Throw Back” loss in playoffs to Tennessee Titans. The 2018 Buffalo Bills lacks star power but is full of up and coming stars of the future.

The Bills will be made up from at least 20 Un-Drafted Free agents (UFA), due to the miss-handling of salary caps and the 2018 Draft. The Bills have no money to sign high priced free agents and can only pick up cheaper veteran players. My “Diamond in the Ruff” category has former Alabama wide receiver Robert Foster. If he can stay healthy he could be the steal of 2018 UFA’s.

I also like Clemson wide out Ray Ray McCloud III as possibly being able to help the Bills receivers corps. The Bills may just have to start Josh Allen to see what he can do and learn in real game action on how to put a touch on the ball. He currently has no touch on his passes and is an interception machine waiting to get going.

The Bills will take their lumps with him. Josh Allen reminds me of Ryan Mallett, another strong armed QB, who can throw the deep ball very well but absolutely can’t throw it 10 to 20 yards down field by taking something off the ball. Hopefully Josh can learn over the season how to drop passes into a tight space and not caving in a receiver’s chest by throwing the ball TOO hard. The Bills might as well trade tight end Charles Clay and running back LeSean McCoy ( if legal troubles clear up ) in order to get draft picks for 2019 or quality young players for this season.

Those guys were brought in to help Bills make playoffs , which they did, but the team is now in total rebuild mode and their high salaries are hurting the team ‘s efforts to bring in more young, less expensive talent.

I have already noticed that two of my favorite picks to make the team last year are back on the roster at tight end Jason Crooms and Keith Towbridge. I would go with them and trade Clay to a contending team for draft picks. The Bills also need younger running backs, which was not addressed in the draft along with the offensive line. I will comment on the defensive unit, which does not need as much help as offense ,in next week’s edition.

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