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I want to thank every body for rising up right with me this week. Let’s get right into the highlights.

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to interview the first African born major league baseball player and Buffalo Bisons shortstop Gift Ngoebe.

Here is the full account of my interview with Gift.

Andre: Gift, you made your major league debut April 26th 2017 for the Pittsburgh Pirates…..How does it feel to be the first African born Major League Baseball player?

Gift: It was one of my goals as a kid       and to achieve them was a huge deal for my family, and for the people of South Africa.

Andre: How did you get the name Gift?

Gift: While my mother was pregnant in the hospital and lady came to her and said I was told to tell you that you must name your baby gift.

Andre : Have you done any community work in South Africa?

Gift: I’ve done some work with Miles October with Play Sports 4 Life down in Cape Town teaching children how to play baseball or sports in general with the purpose of keeping the kids off the street so that they can have a better life. We don’t want the kids to be doing bad things or go to prison so we inspire them to do good.

Andre: What struggles did you encounter on the road to becoming a professional baseball player?

Gift: Just the journey of baseball and its long seasons. It’s a Marathon  ,160 plus games in the majors and 140 in the minors. I wanted to quit the first season because people didn’t understand me as a person and would rub me the wrong way and it was hard because my people where back home in South Africa. I also had an injury in 2011 and in 2013 my mother died but the family understood and told me to chase my dreams.

Andre: You have one message to tell the world what would the message be?

Gift: “Spread the Love”


More Local News

NFL News

The Buffalo Bills will be looking forward to training camp starting up on Thursday, June 26 at 5:30 PM. St. John Fisher College will be place to be. Get ready to encounter all the fun and excitement of seeing these players progress. What players will make the 53 man roster? The first preseason game will be August 9 versus the Carolina Panthers. Many of us, sports fans will be anxious to know who will be the starting quarterback for the preseason. What new additional players will standout? My personal favorite is Trumaine Edmonds, who is 19 and has the speed and size to be a major force this season. Will Austin Proehl live up to his legendary name as his father Ricky Proehl played 17 seasons in the NFL? All these answers will be given this year’s training camp. Come out and support your hometown Buffalo Bills.

In Other Sports News
There are multiple reports accusing  LeSean McCoy according to his ex-girlfriend’s friend of physical abuse on her ,his son and the dogs. Also in the report it states that LeSean McCoy is supposed to be using PED’s which is against the NFL Substance Policy. The NFL along with Milton County will be conducting an investigation. Some reports from law-enforcement say that LeSean McCoy’s House was intentionally targeted. Stay tune for more details as the story has changed several times.

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